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Start Building Games Today

  1. Build Your First Game with SpriteKit.  Get started with SpriteKit by building Gloop Drop, a game that shares similar gameplay to Kaboom!, a classic Atari 2600 game designed by Larry Kaplan and published by Activision in 1981.
    Gloop Drop on the App Store
  2. Use the Scene Editor to Build Games.  Discover the benefits of using the Scene Editor by building Val's Revenge, a game that shares similar gameplay to Gauntlet, another classic arcade game by Atari Games.
  3. Add Artificial Intelligence to Your Games.  Build smarter, more scaleable games using GameplayKit. Find out how to create believable characters by adding autonomous creatures to Val's Revenge.
  4. Build Social Games with GameKit.  Social games are a great way to build a community. Discover what's possible using Game Center and GameKit by adding leaderboards, achievements, matchmaking, and challenges to an existing game, Hog---a player vs. player dice game.
  5. Bonus Content: Monetize Your Games.  Use the bonus content in this part of the book to get started with monetizing your games. Dip your toe in the shallow end of ads and in-app purchases by adding both to the Gloop Drop game.

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