About The Book

Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies is for beginner and intermediate game developers.

Expert Swift developers with an interest—but no experience—in SpriteKit, GameplayKit, and other Apple Game Frameworks will also benefit from reading this book.

Readers will gain hands-on experience and learn advanced topics by building three fun games from the ground up: Gloop Drop, Val's Revenge, and Hog.

  • Gloop Drop — a new twist on a classic arcade game
  • Val’s Revenge — a rogue-like dungeon crawler
  • Hog — a social player vs. player mobile dice game

Gain Hands-on Experience and 
Learn Advanced Game Development Topics 

Published by The Pragmatic Bookshelf, this new book teaches readers with minimal programming experience how to develop feature-rich games in Xcode using Swift, SpriteKit, GameplayKit, and other native Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies.

With Apple Game Frameworks and Technologies, developers can create high-performance, power-efficient games that work across all Apple platforms, including iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

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